i’m moving to uni tomorrow so forgive me if things run a little dry here (after they’ve only recently picked up too…)

but PLEEEEASE drop me hints and whatnot of what you’d like to see on here - whether it’s a certain: actor, character, episode, series, era, song etc.

the crassus ep is the next one to cap (from request) but i need moooore guys

thank youuuu!

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Those that bitch together, stay together.

Have you ever met the Horrible Histories actors?

unfortunately not all. i arrived a few weeks before series 4 aired so i was a bit late to the party so to speak and any previews after that i was busy with college or couldn’t get to london and back home in time for said college (cus i live in devon yo) so i thought i’d never meet them ugh

but luckily i did meet them at the yonderland preview. sadly ben wasn’t there so i didn’t meet him. mat was there but by the time i got around to the signing table, he had to go, so i saw him, but didn’t ‘meet’ him as such. but i definitely met martha, larry, jim and simon tho and they were so lovely. i really hope every hh fan gets to meet them someday.

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Then we fight on to victory.

To victory!

We will never give up.

Never give up!

With one final push, we will reclaim our bucket.

Thank you for this blog it's amazing! I want to ask you some questions. Which is your favourite Horrible Histories song, sketch, actor and character?! :)

eee thank you nonny <3

and my favourites are: 
song - tu-tu-tu-tudoooorrr~
sketch - georgian come dine with me
actor - larry ofc 
character - beau brummell (i think everyone knows that answer it’s not like i hide it)

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Matilda of Boulogne - Matilda I; Maud (c. 1105 - 3 September 1152)

Was suo jure Countess of Boulogne. She was also queen consort of England as the wife of King StephenShe was born in Boulogne, France, the daughter of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, and his wife Mary, daughter of King Malcolm III of Scotland and Saint Margaret of Scotland. Matilda was first cousin of her husband’s rival, Empress MatildaIn 1125, Matilda married Stephen of Blois, Count of Mortain, who possessed a large honour in England. On the death of Henry I of England in 1135, Stephen rushed to England, taking advantage of Boulogne’s control of the closest seaports, and was crowned king, beating his rival, the Empress Matilda. In the civil war that followed, known as the Anarchy, Matilda proved to be her husband’s strongest supporter. After Stephen was captured at the Battle of Lincoln in 1141, she rallied the king’s partisans, and raised an army. While the Empress Matilda waited in London to prepare her coronation, Matilda and Stephen’s brother Henry of Blois had her chased out of the city. The Empress Matilda went on to besiege Henry of Blois at Winchester. Matilda of Boulogne then commanded her army to attack the besiegers. There was a rout in which the Empress’s half-brother, Robert of Gloucester, was captured. The two Matildas then agreed to exchange prisoners and Stephen ruled as king again. Matilda died of a fever at Hedingham Castle, Essex, England, and is buried at Faversham Abbey, which she and her husband founded. (x)

Gimme, gimme crown,
Cos next in line it’s me.
You can have it when I’m done.
So Empress Matilda never did make Queen.
The throne went to my son.
Knowing Mum, knowing you.
Everybody happy? Good.

Sadly my darling Matilda,
Caught a fever and it killed her.
I gave up my dream to build a royal dynasty.
When my son died,
Had no heir, which was a bind.